About Us

Hello, and welcome to Bass-Tokyo, the online store for Japanese products.  My name is Shingo Yokogawa, and I am the founder and owner of this store.

I have been passionate about bass fishing since I was in junior high school. I used to go fishing with my family and friends whenever I had a chance. I also worked as an automotive engineer in Japan for 14 years and traveled overseas frequently.

During one of my business trips to Memphis, I was amazed by the Bass Pro Shops pyramid. I realized that bass fishing is a huge sport and entertainment in the U.S., and I wanted to share the quality and innovation of Japanese bass tackle with American anglers.

That’s how I started Bass-Tokyo in 2022. My mission is to provide you with the best selection of Japanese bass tackle at affordable prices. I also want to introduce you to the culture and techniques of bass fishing in Japan.

Besides bass tackle, I also offer other products that showcase the craftsmanship and beauty of Japan.

I hope you will find something that suits your style and needs at Bass-Tokyo. 

Thank you for visiting Bass-Tokyo!

Shop information

Distributor: Arc the plus corporation
Representative: Shingo Yokokawa
Location: Nagasawa building 4F, 12-8 Azumacho, Hachioji-city Tokyo Japan
Phone: +81-42-610-2922
Email: contact@arc-theplus.co.jp