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17 PLAYS 4000

17 PLAYS 4000

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2017 year model

Perhaps the world where you feel uneasy with a 3000 model is where an electric reel should be active.

Light deep and middle deep fishing targeting large blue fish including Kihada, Akou, and Kinme is the best. The PLAY 4000 with a sufficient line capacity of PE6 500m is a basic and high-performance model that strongly supports anglers who challenge such a world.

By adopting a highly robust HAGANE body, it suppresses "flexure" and can easily handle severe winding. It is equipped with S A-RB bearings to enhance durability, and has a sharp and sporty design that rivals higher-end models with a motor that has a winding endurance of 10kg and a maximum winding speed of 170m/min.

Equipped with numerous cutting-edge functions, it is also reasonably priced. As the first large electric reel to withstand the rush of large blue fish and challenge the high-load sinker fishing of deep shelves, this vivid red spool invites you to the world of "electric power games".

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
4000 Right 3.2 2 33.1 43.4 16/670, 20/580, 30/320 50/660, 100/330, 150/300 27

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HAGANE is a Shimano reel design concept created to withstand continual use and extreme abuse. HAGANE is an innovation with built-in toughness and durability that works alongside Shimano's precision engineering. HAGANE is for all anglers.


SA-RB bearings are put through the same process as Shimano's A-RB bearings but feature shields on both sides of the bearings. These shields reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the rotation of the bearing.


Raku Raku Mode: Winding with constant tension to match the load on the reel.
It is effective when anglers use thin line, targeting fish with soft mouths or eat upward. Fixed Speed Mode: Maintains and winds a constant speed regardless of the magnitude of the load applied to the reel. It is effective when anglers want to increase the winding power.

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