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2023 year model

Display Multi-Language Support: Japanese / English

The Evolution of Electric Light Game Continues

While being lightweight and compact, it features the “BRITZ Motor” for high power and high speed. Equipped with functions comparable to high-end models, such as the JOG power lever for comfortable operation, the smoothly functioning ATD drag, and a highly visible dot LCD. It boasts sufficient drag force and winding power, making it a high-performance electric reel suitable for a wide range of targets.

Lightweight and Compact
1.Weight: “480g” + AIR Cord “135g” = 615g
*14% lighter (95g) compared to 17LEOBRITZ 200J: weight 460g + power cord 250g = 710g
2.Small and compact body
*Low-profile/narrow form and screwless body

High Power
1.High Power & High Speed “BRITZ Motor”
*JAFS standard winding power 9kg: 12% increase compared to 17LEOBRITZ 200J
2.Smoothly functioning “ATD”
*Drag force 8.5kg (carbon W: 1 piece): 6% increase compared to 17LEOBRITZ 200J

Comfortable Operation
1.Comfortable operation with “JOG power lever”
2.Highly visible “dot LCD counter”
*Selectable counters in 5 languages (Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean)
*Line input: compatible from PE 0.6, input P3 (drawer) 30m+30m
3.Depth alarm
4.Smooth manual winding performance
*Manual winding speed display included

*Handle knob S replaceable
*Rod clamp: not attachable (no option available)

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
200J Right 5.1 12+1 18.7 16.9 10/270, 14/190, 16/150 12/660, 20/330, 40/190 -
200JL Left 5.1 12+1 18.7 16.9 10/270, 14/190, 16/150 12/660, 20/330, 40/190 -

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Tuned with a motor of the same class as the “Marine Power 3000,” this Daiwa custom motor emphasizes torque while maintaining the smooth startup and superior durability typical of brush motors. It delivers approximately 1.3 times the power and speed compared to conventional motors of the same size. With a quiet operating sound, this robust motor is designed to conquer the deep sea where big catches await.


The structure maximizes the power of the motor by making full use of the limited space within the electric reel. It achieves high power and high speed in a compact space. Additionally, the improved motor cooling effect contributes to further enhancing motor drive efficiency.


By moving the power lever to the center of the body and changing its shape to a jog dial style, you can control the reeling and clutch on/off with just the thumb of the hand holding the rod. This completely frees your other hand from lever operation, allowing you to focus entirely on rod handling. The precise control with just one thumb enables subtle adjustments to the lever and lets you manage the reeling speed exactly as you wish.

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