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2024 year model

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Revolutionary Machine for Big Game and Deep Sea Fishing “IRONKING MONSTER”

Equipped with the “MEGATORQUE-G Motor,” Daiwa’s electric reel boasts the strongest winding power in history. Its power is approximately twice the motor torque of the 17SEABORG 1200MJ. The aluminum motor radiator structure provides excellent heat dissipation, enabling long fights. The motor comes with a three-year warranty, a testament to Daiwa’s confidence in its durability.

The robust ATD drag system offers a maximum drag of 50kg and features an aluminum drag radiator for enhanced heat dissipation, allowing you to subdue big fish without giving them the upper hand. With a line capacity of PE10 1200m, it offers ample space for deep-sea fishing, providing more room for maneuver.

Ideal for tuna, marlin, amberjack, grouper, alfonsino, and other big game and deep-sea fishing, it gives you a significant advantage. The power supply voltage is compatible with 12-24V, making it usable in various situations, including commercial fishing boats, pleasure boats, and with Daiwa’s genuine batteries.

The new technology, “REMOTE JOG,” allows one-handed remote operation. This enables you to operate the large electric reel with the ease of a small reel using just your thumb. Additionally, you can check the depth remotely, enhancing your fishing experience. The evolution of Daiwa’s electric reels continues unabated.

Daiwa’s Most Powerful Class (Compared to 17SEABORG 1200MJ)

1. JAFS Standard Winding Force 80kg (1.7 times)
• Equipped with the new “MEGATORQUE-G Motor”
2. Maximum Drag Force 50kg (1.5 times)
• 9 large carbon washers

New Technology “REMOTE JOG” Included

• Wireless connection via Bluetooth® enables remote control of the electric reel.

1. Start, stop, and adjust the winding speed remotely with REMOTE JOG.
2. Check the depth remotely on an LCD screen, similar to the one on the reel itself.
3. Comfortable operation of the JOG power lever even on large models.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
G1800M-RJ Right 2.3 21 110.3 123.8 40/1090, 45/980 100/1750, 150/1310, 160/1090

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With the JOG Power Lever, even large electric reels can be operated one-handed, making fishing more comfortable. Additionally, you can monitor the depth from a distance, allowing for seamless remote operation. These convenient features redefine the concept of large electric reels.


With its proprietary technology, DAIWA has become the first in the world to successfully apply Magsealed technology to the ball bearings themselves. The magnetic fluid barrier prevents water and foreign substances from entering the ball bearings, maintaining their original rotational performance while significantly reducing rust, saltwater intrusion, and noise.


The ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) system operates smoothly in response to fish pulling, providing continuous, smooth performance. By focusing on initial movement and responsiveness, it allows you to concentrate on the fight without worrying about drag settings.

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