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2022 year model

Display Multi-Language Support: Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Korean

Sensitivity Through Lightness: “TOUGH SMALL MONSTER”
High Durability / High Power / Electric Game Fishing / Compatible with “Electric Mobile Setting”

The TOUGH SMALL MONSTER, based on the SEABORG 200J, achieves even greater durability. The MAGMAX-G motor is a testament to its high durability, providing responsive rotation and power due to its high-durability brush motor.

It features a motor ON/OFF linked clutch, maintaining the JOG position during winding. The clutch offers responsive startup when ON and easy bite detection during falls when OFF due to motor stoppage. Combined with the aluminum JOG power lever, it ensures even more comfortable one-hand operation. Additionally, it includes a dot LCD counter, depth alarm, and electronic drag sound function. For manual winding, it comes standard with a 75mm-85mm adjustable long handle. It’s tough enough to target higher-level fish and supports electric jigging (shakuri mode).

This compact and lightweight electric reel, packed with high durability, high power, and various functions for comfortable fishing, is now available.

Sensitivity Through Lightness

1. SEABORG G200J weight: 520g + AIR cord: 135g = 655g
SEABORG 200J-SJ weight: 570g + power cord: 250g = 820g
⇒ 165g: 20% weight reduction

2. Compact body
※Low-profile/narrow form & screw-less body

3. AIR cord standard equipment
※Weight: 135g
Standard power cord: 250g comparison
⇒ 115g: 46% weight reduction
※Lighter cord makes handheld fishing more comfortable.

Supports jigs up to 250g / 75mm-85mm long handle (75mm at shipment)

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
G200J Right 5.9 14+1 22.1 18.3 10/270, 14/190, 16/150 12/660, 16/490, 35/220 -
G200JL Left 5.9 14+1 22.1 18.3 10/270, 14/190, 16/150 12/660, 16/490, 35/220 -

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Featuring a special neodymium magnet, the slide brush motor excels in both responsiveness and durability. It offers superior instantaneous power and has four times the durability of the traditional MAGMAX motor. The reeling operation is entirely under the angler’s control, and the high torque makes slow reeling effortless.


The structure maximizes the power of the motor by making full use of the limited space within the electric reel. It achieves high power and high speed in a compact space. Additionally, the improved motor cooling effect contributes to further enhancing motor drive efficiency.


By moving the power lever to the center of the body and changing its shape to a jog dial style, you can control the reeling and clutch on/off with just the thumb of the hand holding the rod. This completely frees your other hand from lever operation, allowing you to focus entirely on rod handling. The precise control with just one thumb enables subtle adjustments to the lever and lets you manage the reeling speed exactly as you wish.


With its proprietary technology, DAIWA has become the first in the world to successfully apply Magsealed technology to the ball bearings themselves. The magnetic fluid barrier prevents water and foreign substances from entering the ball bearings, maintaining their original rotational performance while significantly reducing rust, saltwater intrusion, and noise.


The ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) system operates smoothly in response to fish pulling, providing continuous, smooth performance. By focusing on initial movement and responsiveness, it allows you to concentrate on the fight without worrying about drag settings.

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