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2022 year model

Take your casting to the next level, whether it's long-range or short-range.

Introducing the evolution of the STEEZ A TW, which has been delivering toughness and stability to many anglers. Now, it enters its second generation fully armed with the design concept of the next-generation baitcasting reel, "HYPERDRIVE DESIGN," honed through tough tournament trails in America. The robustness of the familiar HYPER ARMED HOUSING (FULL-AL) remains intact, while the HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR further enhances rotational performance, achieving smooth and high-power retrieves even under heavy loads. Of course, it also boasts high durability.

The STEEZ A II TW is equipped with the newly developed φ34mm G1 duralumin ultra-high-precision MAG-Z BOOST spool. By shallow grooving, it stocks only the "necessary amount of line," reducing the total weight of the spool. As a result, the spool's startup improves, delivering practical casting performance required in tough field conditions.

Assisting in precise retrieves are the high-grip I-shape large knob (S knob type) and the newly designed 90mm AL handle. Even the star drag has been made of AL, offering drag adjustment and drag release clicks, along with standard-equipped MAGSEALED ball bearings. The "STEEZ A II TW" is not only a solid choice for bass but also a tough long-casting model for saltwater. It embodies the true answer sought by modern anglers.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
1000 Right 6.3 10+1 13.2 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 26
1000L Left 6.3 10+1 13.2 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 26
1000H Right 7.1 10+1 13.2 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 30
1000HL Left 7.1 10+1 13.2 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 30
1000XH Right 8.5 10+1 12.1 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 35
1000XHL Left 8.5 10+1 12.1 6.7 12/110, 14/100 16/200, 20/160 35

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A newly designed gear system for bait (double-shaft) reels that pursues continuous strong and smooth rotation. DAIWA's unique technology has achieved a higher engagement rate without reducing the size of the gear tooth module (size), which directly affects durability, and has realized a long-lasting initial smoothness.


The housing system firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and precision to produce exquisite winding comfort and power. The use of metal materials for the frame, which is the key component of the system, is a prerequisite, and in combination with side plates and set plates, enables the basic performance to continue to be demonstrated for an even longer period of time.
Aluminum alloy is used for the frame, gear side plate, and dial side set plate. The full metal housing specification realizes lightweight and strength.


A drive support system that achieves sustained smoothness and strong, light winding. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings with high precision, the input from the handle is not damped, enabling strong and light winding even when a load is applied.


This clutch system not only provides crisp on/off performance that keeps sliding thousands or tens of thousands of times, but is also extremely trouble-free even in saltwater areas with high salt concentration. It boasts a state-of-the-art insulation structure that has already resulted in a 99% reduction in the number of sticking repairs in harsh saltwater conditions, compared to our company's own.


G1 Duralumin is a special aluminum-based alloy that is twice as strong as magnesium and 1.3 times as strong as super-duralumin. This ultra-lightweight material maintains excellent rigidity, and is the highest grade of lightweight alloys used in aircraft structural materials and precision instruments. In order to achieve an overwhelmingly lightweight feel while maintaining the same strength, the spool's winding surface has been thinned without blanking to maintain its full strength. The high rotational response brought about by the lightness and the unparalleled accurate rotation due to the high rigidity are unrivaled.

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