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2024 year model

Powerful and compact, the Forcemaster 600/600DH is an electric reel that allows anyone to control it more intuitively and safely, expanding and deepening the enjoyment of fishing. It is the result of pursuing and evolving the question of what an electric reel that can take everything in its stride is.

The TOUCH DRIVE Speed Lock has evolved based on the concept of "never letting a hooked fish fall apart." The new FALL LEVER enables anglers to control the fall speed. These new features have upgraded the operability of the electric reel to a new dimension in terms of both reeling and attracting fish by falling.

The heart of the reel is the MUTEKI MOTOR+, which excels in power and speed, and the drag force has been increased by 25%※1 to 10 kg. The display is color-coded to provide information to anglers, and TANKENMARU screen provides information on undersea conditions to ensure anglers don't miss any opportunities.

The 300m line spool capacity of PE No. 2/3 200m is highly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of fish species in various fields throughout the country, including hairtail, chumming snapper, and bluefish. The new features have been added to the powerful, lightweight, and compact design while maintaining durability. Everything is at your fingertips, and you can control it as you wish. The new level of electric reel enjoyment begins with the new Forcemaster 600.

※1: Compared to 2020 Forcemaster 600/600DH

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
600 Right 6.5 8+2 22.1 17.3 20/330, 35/220 26
600DH Right 6.5 8+2 22.1 17.3 20/330, 35/220 26 Double Handle

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Brush motor that uses a special rare earth magnet that has excellent response during driving and exhibits high torque and powerful power.


One-touch drive allows you to instantly wind up at the desired speed (intermediate speed setting), and by accelerating when you press the touch drive again and decelerating when you release it, you can follow the movement of the target and enable free speed control. For example, when a hairtail bites, if the speed is too slow for the intermediate speed set in advance, pressing the touch drive again will accelerate faster than the intermediate speed, and releasing the touch drive will decelerate and return to the intermediate speed. The benefit of this operation is that it is now possible to easily prevent the rod from being pulled (barre) immediately after loading the tip.
* The ON/OFF switching of the touch drive speed lock can be switched by pressing the "LOCK" button. It can also be switched during electric winding.


FALL LEVER enables easy and precise control of fall speeds that have been difficult to control. It is now possible to fish more strategically with a slow fall. The new FALL LEVER in the FORCEMASTER 600 series is equipped with a one-way roller bearing inside that creates no resistance to handle rotation or motor winding even when fall tension (brake) is applied. The brake force of the fall can handle up to a load equivalent to weight 80. The counter displays the fall speed of the fish, allowing the angler to reproduce hit patterns by checking the fall speed display on the counter in various fishing methods such as TENYA fishing, red sea bream, no bait fishing, and squid fishing.


The clutch can be switched on and off by only pressing the clutch lever.
Normally, the handle need to be rotated when turning clutch off. With SPEEDCLUTCH, clutch can be turned off by pressing the clutch lever.


Compact body shape design that enables to hold the reel firmly. The palming performance is improved.

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