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24 KOHGA IC 200

24 KOHGA IC 200

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2024 year model

A Deep Tai Rubber Model Equipped with Overwhelmingly High Drag and Winding Performance

Born from the opinions of a charismatic tester who operates a Tai rubber fishing boat, this model is dedicated to deep Tai rubber fishing.

What stands out is its drag performance and winding performance. Featuring ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) and synchronized level wind, along with an “electronic drag sound,” this model offers smooth and reliable drag performance even with thin lines. Additionally, the adjustable drag range has been expanded to 0.5kg to 4.0kg, allowing for more precise adjustments. These features are crucial for Tai rubber fishing with thin lines, helping to reduce the risk of losing fish and supporting anglers.

The basic performance has been refined with “HYPERDRIVE DESIGN,” ensuring high winding performance even under heavy loads. Moreover, the 150mm aluminum crank handle eliminates the heavy feel of deep Tai rubber winding, making it possible to continue fishing comfortably throughout the day.

This translation retains the technical details and key selling points of the original description, making it appealing to an English-speaking audience.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
200P Right 5.3 7+1 22.1 12.3 12/660, 15/530 26
200PL Left 5.3 7+1 22.1 12.3 12/660, 15/530 26
200 Right 6.3 7+1 22.1 12.3 12/660, 15/530 31
200L Left 6.3 7+1 22.1 12.3 12/660, 15/530 31

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A next-generation design concept in bait (dual-axis) reels that significantly raises the bar for all basic performance, aiming for long-lasting high initial spinning performance. The Hyperdrive design consists of up to four technologies. Hyperdrive digital gears are a prerequisite for smooth and long-lasting rotation; hyper double supports provide gear drive for strong and light reeling; hyper-armed housing strongly supports the internal structure and prevents flexing and distortion; and an insulated structure that keeps working even in the harshest locations and drastically reduces sticking due to salt gouging. The synergistic effect of the Hyper Tough Clutch, with its insulated structure that drastically reduces sticking due to salt contamination, ensures stable performance in all kinds of fields.


A newly designed gear system for bait (double-shaft) reels that pursues continuous strong and smooth rotation. DAIWA's unique technology has achieved a higher engagement rate without reducing the size of the gear tooth module (size), which directly affects durability, and has realized a long-lasting initial smoothness.


A drive support system that achieves sustained smoothness and strong, light winding. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings with high precision, the input from the handle is not damped, enabling strong and light winding even when a load is applied.


The housing system firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and precision to produce exquisite winding comfort and power. The use of metal materials for the frame, which is the key component of the system, is a prerequisite, and in combination with side plates and set plates, enables the basic performance to continue to be demonstrated for an even longer period of time.
Aluminum alloy is used for the frame, gear side plate, and dial side set plate. The full metal housing specification realizes lightweight and strength.


This clutch system not only provides crisp on/off performance that keeps sliding thousands or tens of thousands of times, but is also extremely trouble-free even in saltwater areas with high salt concentration. It boasts a state-of-the-art insulation structure that has already resulted in a 99% reduction in the number of sticking repairs in harsh saltwater conditions, compared to our company's own.

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