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24 STEEZ SV TW 100

24 STEEZ SV TW 100

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2024 year model

The 24 Steez SV TW100 is a new low-profile bait reel from Daiwa.
The "SV" in the name stands for "SV spool," which is the latest spool technology that allows you to cast lightweight lures with pinpoint accuracy and without any trouble. The reel features an "Ultimate Casting Spool" made of G1 Duralumin, which is twice as strong as magnesium and 1.3 times stronger than ultra-ultra Duralumin. This material provides excellent rigidity while maintaining a super-lightweight spool, making it an evolution of low-inertia spools. The spool has a diameter of 32mm, which is a size that has not been available in the Steez series until now.

The 24 Steez SV TW100 also features a "Hyper Drive Design" and "Ultimate Casting Design." The Ultimate Casting Design is a casting brake design philosophy that aims to achieve ideal casting performance without summing the flying lure. This design has led to the revision of the brake, spool, zero adjust, and line guide. The line guide, in particular, is noteworthy because it is different from previous models, with a narrower width. However, the opening is expanded by 27% compared to past models, and the resistance-free range is wider. The spool is treated with a special surface treatment called DLC, which improves line release performance.

Other features include a zero shaft, oil injection cap, and a new star drag shape. The 24 Steez SV TW100 weighs only 160g for all models, making it very lightweight and suitable for long casting sessions without feeling fatigued. It is also suitable for quick rod work, thanks to its low-profile design.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
100 Right 6.7 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 26
100L Left 6.7 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 26
100H Right 7.8 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 31
100HL Left 7.8 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 31
100XH Right 8.5 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 33
100XHL Left 8.5 12+1 11 5.6 10/90, 12/80 16/130, 20/110 33

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A newly designed gear system for bait (double-shaft) reels that pursues continuous strong and smooth rotation. DAIWA's unique technology has achieved a higher engagement rate without reducing the size of the gear tooth module (size), which directly affects durability, and has realized a long-lasting initial smoothness.


The housing system firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and precision to produce exquisite winding comfort and power. The use of metal materials for the frame, which is the key component of the system, is a prerequisite, and in combination with side plates and set plates, enables the basic performance to continue to be demonstrated for an even longer period of time.
Magnesium alloy is used for the frame and gear side plates, and aluminum alloy for the dial side set plate. The full metal housing specification achieves weight reduction and strength.


A drive support system that achieves sustained smoothness and strong, light winding. By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings with high precision, the input from the handle is not damped, enabling strong and light winding even when a load is applied.


This clutch system not only provides crisp on/off performance that keeps sliding thousands or tens of thousands of times, but is also extremely trouble-free even in saltwater areas with high salt concentration. It boasts a state-of-the-art insulation structure that has already resulted in a 99% reduction in the number of sticking repairs in harsh saltwater conditions, compared to our company's own.


The most distinctive feature of the BOOST mechanism is the inducting rotor section that pops out in two stages.
The SV BOOST system maintains the trouble-free performance of the SV concept, while instantly providing optimal braking force in two stages according to the spool speed, which leads to an additional extension in the latter half of the cast. A system that maintains comfortable performance and excels in long casting performance was born here. The system instantly exerts maximum braking force to control the backlash zone at the initial speed, and then reduces the braking force in two stages from the middle to the latter half of the cast to achieve a stretch in the latter half of the cast.

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