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2021 year model

The Daiwa Caldia spinning reel is a high-quality fishing reel that is perfect for anglers of all skill levels.

This reel features a seamless monocoque body design that provides excellent strength and durability, making it ideal for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. The Caldia also features Daiwa’s advanced technology, including the Tough Digigear system and Magsealed construction, which help to ensure smooth and reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, the Daiwa Caldia spinning reel is an excellent choice for your next fishing trip.

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Ball Bearing Max Drag
Reel Weight
Line Capacity
Line Capacity
FC LT1000S Left/Right 5.1 6+1 11 6 1.5/110, 1.8/110, 2/80 3/230, 4/220, 5/140 25
FC LT2000S Left/Right 5.1 6+1 11 6.2 1.8/220, 2/160, 2.5/110 5/220, 6/190, 8/160 26
FC LT2000S-H Left/Right 5.8 6+1 11 6.2 1.8/220, 2/160, 2.5/110 5/220, 6/190, 8/160 30
FC LT2500S Left/Right 5.1 6+1 11 6.3 2.5/160, 3/130, 4/110 8/220, 10/210, 12/150 28
LT2500 Left/Right 5.2 6+1 22.1 6.9 2.5/250, 4/160, 6/110 8/220, 10/210, 12/150 29
LT2500S Left/Right 5.2 6+1 11 6.7 2.5/160, 3/130, 4/110 8/220, 10/210, 12/150 29
LT2500S-XH Left/Right 6.2 6+1 11 6.7 2.5/160, 3/130, 4/110 8/220, 10/210, 12/150 34
LT3000-CXH Left/Right 6.2 6+1 22.1 7.2 6/160, 8/130, 10/110 12/220, 15/210, 16/190 37
LT3000 Left/Right 5.2 6+1 22.1 7.6 6/160, 8/130, 10/110 12/220, 15/210, 16/190 30
LT3000-XH Left/Right 6.2 6+1 22.1 7.6 6/160, 8/130, 10/110 12/220, 15/210, 16/190 37
LT4000S-C Left/Right 5.2 6+1 26.5 8.1 6/160, 8/130, 10/110 12/220, 15/210, 16/190 32
LT4000-CXH Left/Right 6.2 6+1 26.5 8.1 8/210, 10/160, 12/140 15/340, 16/220, 20/190 39

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Lighter and stronger reels. The carbon hybrid resin developed for this purpose is ZION V (V = Versatile). By precisely controlling the amount of carbon used in the hybrid, we have achieved a high level of lightness that surpasses metal and strength that rivals metal, as well as versatility that allows it to be used in a wide range of reels. It inherits the essence of ZION, which can be said to be the MAX spec of carbon hybrid resin.


This design incorporates a one-piece frame and a one-piece threaded side plate. Because screws are not necessary to attach the side plate and hold the main gear, the interior space in the body is greater allowing for a larger more powerful gear held in place by the lighter, sturdier body rather than the traditional side plate


DAIWA's innovative bail design features a hollow, tubular stainless steel bail for maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight. Due to the smooth, protrusion-free design of the Air Bail, even loose line, common after a cast slides easily down the bail onto the line roller as the reel is turned, without snagging or hanging up.


To withstand the harsh environment, the reel needs a strong heart to support it. Tough Digi Gear" keeps smooth rotation longer. The synergistic effect with Mag-Shield refines durability.


The Mag Sealed principle is based on special magnetic oil, which has been developed by the NASA to transport fuel to the space ships based on the magnetic principle. Such oil for reel production is not available in the market. It has to be manufactured under most difficult circumstances. The embedded ferric oxide, which is necessary for the magnetic field, has a diameter of 1/100.000mm.
The molecules in this new "metal oil" are capable of changing. If they are exposed to a magnetic field, they change their shape and the oil forms a fluid seal.
Such a seal, based on the principle of liquid magnetic oil produces nearly no friction, isolates perfectly and prevents even penetration of dust particles.
The big challenge for the DAIWA engineers was the development of a reel, which is designed for the principle of the magnetic oil to generate a kind of liquid membrane that prevents water penetration.
The Mag Sealed design is based on the purpose to keep water away from a spinning reel. First of all for sea anglers this is an amazing idea - since delivers a longer life span; no corrosion and better, pro longed function. If salt water penetrates the reel and dries, it crystallizes, corrodes the gearing and affects the ball bearings. Mag Sealed halts the travel of salt particles.

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